Parkside Centre without Walls

Parkside Centre without Walls

ParkSide Centre Without Walls 
A new Series of Programs Offered by the ParkSide Centre 

ParkSide Centre Without Walls (PCWW) is easy to join and enjoy. Now seniors in our area can be part of a community from the comfort of their own home. No computer or internet needed, just a phone call connects participants with educational, health and wellness, travelogues, local history and games sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, just to start. Seniors are not alone when they join this interactive virtual seniors’ centre. It’s fun, free and easy! 

What is PCWW? 

It is a free telephone and internet program that offers recreation activities, health & wellness seminars, educational series and general conversations to seniors and adults with physical disabilities who find it difficult to access regular community centres in person or who may not be able to leave home for extended periods of time. The ParkSide Centre Without Walls (PCWW) is as simple as just picking up your telephone! 

Through the use of multi-person phone calls, PCWW provides the opportunity for participants to join in on health and wellness seminars, educational lectures, brain-stimulating activities, listen to live musical entertainment, join in on general conversations, and make new and meaningful friendships – all from the comforts of home!  It works just the same as attending a class or a lecture at the centre, but instead it is facilitated over the telephone. 

ParkSide Centre Without Walls Basics: - Programs are multi-person phone conversations (or conference calls). - No special equipment needed – just your average phone! - Each phone session lasts between 30-60 minutes on the phone. - All you have to do is pick up your phone and call the number provided. - Each phone session averages 6-10 people on the call. - You are able to hear each other, talk to one another, learn, and/or just have fun! - You must pre-register for all classes in the ParkSide Centre Without Walls Program! 

Who is eligible? Individuals 50+ and/or adults with physical disabilities 18+ living in Northeastern Ontario. If you or someone you know is finding it difficult to get out and be part of the community, ParkSide Centre Without Walls is a virtual, dependable support group and learning centre. Try it out, spread the word. For more information contact John Richer at the ParkSide Centre at 705-673-6227 ext.225. One of our participants recently said, “I’m 95 years old, I don’t go out. Every Wednesday I’m looking forward to my program, and although I have never met anyone face to face, I feel like I know them. It’s my family.” Contact us and join.

ParkSide Centre Without Walls

We have been adding programs on our ParkSide Centre Without Walls format and it is interesting to note that we have had viewers from as far away as Georgia and British Columbia join us for some of the programs. Updates can be found on our Facebook page at, on our website at in our monthly newsletters.

The ParkSide Centre Without Walls program has continued to grow since its inception and the new programs and seminars that are now being presented online are continuing to grow. However, we recognize that there are situations where someone who wants to participate in a class or watch live entertainment does not have enough experience on the computer to easily participate.

The ParkSide Centre will continue to offer one-on-one training for those who need a little help accessing programs like Zoom, Facebook or Skype that will allow them to more easily participate in the programs offered. If you need some help to access these services, please send an email to and someone will contact you.

Please note that many of our programs will be offered via computer. Please send an email to to register for any of these programs or call 705-673-6227. You will need to download Zoom to your computer and we can send instructions if needed.

Coffee talk

From global politics and current events to local issues, join this weekly discussion group to keep up to date and share your opinions. Each week we will discuss current events or other special subjects and we will explore ways to solve all of the world’s problems.

Mondays and Fridays
April 6 – August 28, 2020
10:00 am

Conversation café

Rejoigner ce groupe de discussion hebdomadaire pour vous tenir au courant et partager vos opinions. Chaque semaine, nous discuterons d'actualités ou d'autres sujets spéciaux et nous explorerons des moyens de résoudre tous les problèmes du monde.

Les lundis et vendredis
6i avril - 28 août 2020
10:00 du matin

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga classes will consist of breathwork, guided imagery, basic asanas (poses), relaxation and meditation. The asanas help build flexibility, endurance, balance and strength. This class will be offered on line. Contact the ParkSIde at 705-673-6227 x225 to register.

10:30 - 11:30 am
April 1 - June 24, 2020
$45.00 per person
Led by Dawn Condon

Gentle Hatha Yoga - Beginner Level 2

Beginner Level 2 Gentle Hatha Yoga is designed for those who have a good understanding of the basics of yoga postures, and have begun to explore a wider variety of poses and styles. Contact the ParkSIde at 705-673-6227 x225 to register.

April 1 - June 24, 2020
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
$45.00 per person
Led by Dawn Condon

Zumba Gold                                                                                                                                                                Zumba Gold is a fun and exciting program!  It is designed for the active older adult, the true beginner, or people who may be limited physically. Zumba Gold is done at a lower intensity, not as fast, but certainly just as fun. The same great Latin styles of music and dance are used. Register at

April 7 - June 30, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
$3.00 per class

Zumba Gold Toning

A program tailored for active older adults who want to focus on muscle conditioning and light weight activity. Zumba Gold-Toning blends the Zumba party you love at a slower pace with a redefining total body workout using Zumba Toning Sticks to shake up those muscles! Register at

April 3 - June 26, 2020 (No Class April 10 – Good Friday)
10:00 - 10:45 am
$3.00 per class

Drawing and Painting with Rosie                                                      

Missed out on Rosie’s classes? Don’t worry Rosie has generously decided to offer additional drawing and painting classes on line! This relaxed, welcoming environment encourages observational and imaginative art, all while developing skills with regards to the use of tone, line, and a range of techniques.

April 15 - June 10, 2020
9:00 am – 10:30 am
$30.00 members and non-members
Led by Rosemary Maddock
Maximum of 10 participants.

Modern Line Dancing – New Beginner

If you are looking for something enjoyable and fun to do in your spare time, try our “New Beginner” Line Dance Classes on Thursday evenings. This class is for those who have never line danced before, and would like to try it out.

April 23 – August 27, 2020
6:30 – 8:30 pm
$4.00 per class

Modern Line Dancing – Improver

This class is for dancers who have been exposed to line dancing for at least 1.5 years to avoid frustration with the level of dance being done. Join our class for laughs, fun and although having fun, a good physical and mental workout as well.

April 22 – August 26, 2020
6:30 – 8:30 pm
$4.00 Per class

Virtual Line Dancing

This class is NOT for a brand new beginner, but dancers who have been dancing for at least 6 months to a year.

Today’s modern line dancing is urban sophistication, swing syncopations, flowing waltz and nightclub rhythms, and dances with a Latin flavor. We are still dancing in lines – but are enjoying a large variety of music.

April 20 – August 24, 2020
3:00 – 5:00 pm
$4.00 per class

Parkinson’s Mobility Program
This exercise program is designed to benefit those diagnosed with Parkinson's. The program focuses on improving posture, range of motion, muscle strength and endurance, as well as flexibility, relaxation, balance and coordination. This progressive program will greatly enhance one's quality of life while preventing the negative side effects of inactivity to help with the symptoms of this neurological disease. Participants must be able to ambulate on their own without supervision.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
April 6 – Sept 3, 2020
11:30am - 12:30 pm
Led by Kinnect to Wellness

Get the most out of Facebook 

Facebook is everywhere and many people use this free social networking service. However there are ways to control who sees your information and who can share it. Peter Marshall will show you how to access all of the settings available in Facebook so that you can be comfortable using it. You will need to download Zoom for this program. You can find Zoom at .

June 1, 2020
10:00 am

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest offering from Microsoft and it there are a number of features that can help you enjoy your computer perhaps more than in the past. You will need to download Zoom for this program. You can find Zoom at .

This is a two day session.

Part 1
June 9, 2020
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Part 2
June 10, 2020
$20.00 per person  

Excel Spreadsheets for Beginners

Microsoft Excel is a computer program that allows the user to perform a variety of calculations that can be useful in basic home budgeting or for calculations required if you were the treasurer for a community group, church, or if you were monitoring your own investments.

The program uses a grid of cells in rows and columns that are each able to hold information that can be used in a variety of ways. Learn how to develop a spreadsheet for your home budget and how to enter formulas that automatically perform various mathematical functions. Then you can turn those numbers into an easily viewed graph. No experience is necessary as we will start off with the basics. You will need to download Zoom for this program. You can find Zoom at .

June 15, 2020
9:30 – 11:00 am

June 16, 2020
9:30 – 11:00 am

Canada Revenue Agency Presentation 

This presentation will include information the Economic Response Plan, changes to the Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) minimum withdrawal amount, extensions of filing deadlines for various payments and more.

June 15
1:00 pm

Estate Planning 1: Power of Attorney

Did you know that the Power of Attorney is one of the most important documents to have while you are still alive? Did you know that everyone should have 2 Powers of Attorneys? Have you reviewed your Powers of Attorney within the past 5 years? If the answer to any of these questions is NO then this seminar is for you! This seminar was previously included with Will's. However, because of recommendations we have split the seminar into two parts!

We hope you and a guest will join us. To register, please call the ParkSide Centre at 705-673-6227. Don’t leave your future to chance.

June 4, 2020
1:00 pm

Estate Planning 2: Wills and Probate

Most people can say that they have a Will. However they have not been reviewed or updated in quite some time. Even though most of your wishes are the same as they were when the Will was drafted tax laws and regulations have changed and could cost your loved ones thousands. Join us at this seminar to get a better idea on whether you need to have your documents reviewed! This seminar was previously included with Powers of Attorney. Because of recommendations we have split the seminar into two parts!

We hope you and a guest will join us. To register, please call the ParkSide Centre at 705-673-6227. Don’t leave your future to chance.

June 11, 2020
1:00 pm

Estate Planning 3: Investments and your Estate Plan

Although Powers of Attorney and Wills are the things people think of the most when considering an Estate Plan, the structure of your investments and the investments you hold can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if not structured properly. The biggest mistake people make is that they assume everything is fine. During this presentation we will discuss the items that you should look at and consider.

June 18, 2020
1:00 pm

Chair Yoga

If you have ever wanted to try doing Yoga and have challenges (or not), physical or other, then this class is for you! Certified in Lakshmi Chair Yoga, Parkside Centre member Marilyn Hurst is offering this class to those who have physical challenges, chronic pain or other conditions or to those who wish to expand and deepen their yoga practice.

Yoga is said to be the perfect exercise because it unites not only the physical aspects of a person, but also the mental, spiritual and emotional parts of us and as my chair yoga teacher said “Chair yoga is not for sissies! You can be challenged.” Come enjoy, laugh, have fun and get strong.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
June 23 – July 30, 2020
9:30 - 10:30 am

ParkSide Centre Without Walls Concert Series 

Every Friday at 11:00 am, visit our Facebook page at

You can watch the hour and a half concerts for free! Entertainers are announced each week so pay attention so that you won’t miss your favourite entertainers from our Friday dances. Here is a list of upcoming entertainers until the end of May.

June 5                     Claude Lecuyer
June 12                    Gisele Small
June 19                    The Boomers
June 26                    Norman and Friends

Special Events:

June 24                   Sparkly Sisters                  St. Jean Baptiste Day
July 1                    Claude Lecuyer                   Canada Day

Annual General Meeting and Seniors Barbeque

At their meeting on April 28, 2020 the ParkSide Centre Board of Directors decided that the Annual General Meeting that was originally scheduled for June 11, 2020 would be postponed until early September in keeping with Provincial guidelines that were amended in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will provide more information on the date as we get closer to it.

Creighton Reunion Cancelled

We are including this public service announcement on behalf of our friends who are organizing the Creighton Reunion. Unfortunately, the Annual Creighton Reunion that was scheduled for this September has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

ParkSide Centre Without Walls Advisory Group

Are you enjoying our programming? Do you have an idea for what else you may like to see? Help us make our program better by giving your opinion on new ideas, programs and issues. We would love to have this discussion with you!

May 29, 2020
10:00 am

Groupe consultatif ParkSide Centre Without Walls

Appréciez-vous notre programmation? Avez-vous une idée de ce que vous aimeriez voir d'autre? Aidez-nous à améliorer notre programme en donnant votre avis sur de nouvelles idées, programmes et questions. Nous aimerions avoir cette discussion avec vous!

29 mai 2020
10:00 du matin